A New Age: The Roaring 20’s

by theaffluentfemale


I’m officially an adult! They say that 21, is the age to remember and when you begin your true journey into adulthood. When I turned 16, 18 and even 20 years old; I did not feel the shift that those ages pose as of being monumental. When I woke up this morning I felt like a new person. I was glowing in a way that I never have before and I had this abundance of happiness overtake me. It is not about being able to drink or go to certain places now because I am finally “of age.” I woke up today with a new knowledge that I was embarking on my journey of who I want to be in life. This is my time to create myself as well as experience all that life has to offer me. Today is my turning point into building the life that I want to live and the adventure I plan to undergo will surely be one of the best of my life. Adulthood may not be easy but if things were easy what how would we appreciate them?