What is Your “Passion” in Life?

by theaffluentfemale

I had my first official week in the Goldman Sachs Leadership program and that came with an “Ah-Ha!” moment for me. My fellow peers and I were having a table discussion with our program mentors where they discussed various topics and their personal experiences. When the discussion arrived to discussing one’s passion in life, a few triggers went through my head. As you can note I stated passion and not passions in life, meaning that you only have one for the rest of your life. Now reading that and seeing it visually sounds absolutely crazy. The mentor went on to state that she didn’t know her passion or rather that she had many and couldn’t really choose one. That’s when it clicked for me! You don’t need to have one specific passion in life. Living life is about change, growth and adventure. If you settled for only one thing your life would become narrow and unfulfilling. We grow and evolve as individuals each and every day and that means that our interest and behaviors change as well. You can be passionate about something today and the next it can be completely different. You never know what life has to offer so why settle for one thing if the real purpose is to find what brings the most joy and happiness to you.