A New Year, A New ME?

by theaffluentfemale


2014 is just a few hours away. Some people couldn’t be happier and others not so much. We always hear the saying about the New Year supposedly brining upon a new you, but is that truly the case? A new you would mean that you are not yourself, and what’s wrong with the person you are. Fundamentally we should look at the New Year as a time to evolve ourselves and create the person that we see from all of the lessons that the previous year has brought on. We sit and write down resolutions on a piece of paper that we probably won’t look at after the fact, and we make a big deal out of it. Then when the year is coming to a close we find the list and beat ourselves up for not accomplishing anything. The key to getting rid of that is just taking it day by day. Treat each day like it’s a new year and you will probably accomplish way more that way. You don’t have to be an entirely new person to start a new year. Don’t wear a mask and hide who you are at the start of it because a few months down the line you may not like what you see. Embrace who you are and live the life that benefits you and that makes you happy. You may make mistakes, forget things, get upset, etc., but that only makes you, you. Have fun and build on who you are. Once you live by your standards; resolutions become secondary because they will already be within your capability. HAPPY NEW YEAR!