Liberal Arts: Creating Your Own Path

by theaffluentfemale

A lot of people like to label Liberal Arts as a fluke degree for people that have no clue about what career they want in life. I beg to differ. Liberal Artistry is what I like to call it. Why should a multi-passionate spirit be subjected to one particular major/focus and be ridiculed for not choosing something “serious” as a major. In order to become a well rounded individual you should become well versed in a variety of different things. If you want to take an art, business, music, accounting or film course you will be allowed to without it affecting your requirements for graduating. Liberal Arts is not for everyone. Why try to force someone into choosing one career path when they feel in their nature that they need more diversity for their specific passions? Say that you change your mind and decide that you want to do something else but already spent 4 years of your life dedicated to one particular interest that now means very little to you. That happens to a lot of people. Maybe you strive for one type of career only for you to realize that your passion was never in it and you choose a career on the opposite side of the spectrum.

When you want to gain more knowledge in life as a whole you do that by stepping outside of your comfort zone. You gain knowledge through the accumulation of learning a variety of different things. Also wouldn’t life become boring and mundane if you continue to walk the same path, which is one of comfort instead of adventure and excitement? People that consider Liberal Arts a joke of a major for the confused, unmotivated and lost are sadly mistaken. Liberal Arts can be highly useful in people’s lives that want to explore different novelties in life through education. You shouldn’t be taken as less of a professional because of the degree that you chose, nor overlooked.