Why I Loved This Netflix Movie (And You Should, Too!)

by theaffluentfemale


(via Advanced Style)

Over the weekend I had a mini binge watch on Netflix and came across this lovely  little documentary called, Advanced Style. If you’re looking for a quick pick me up, then this is a great film to try. This documentary is fun, light-hearted and inspiring. Advanced Style originates from the blog by the same title and is about Ari Seth Cohen, a fashion photographer that photographs stylish women aged 50 and older.

The women in the film are all personality. From their funky hair colors, to their extravagant clothes, these women are a sight to watch. Seeing women that are so comfortable being themselves and sharing their passion through their lively and creative style is what compels you to the film. They are fabulous and beautiful, with limitless wisdom and uniqueness. Watching the film makes you realize that age does not have a hold on you, you limit yourself by drifting to negative thoughts. Most of the women in the film were well over 80, but they never held back. They reveled in life and made everyday a bold statement. Don’t dread getting older. Embrace it, and don’t hold back on who you are. Show your confidence because confidence is the magic to becoming ageless.

I could keep writing but I don’t want to spoil the film. Make sure to check it out on Netflix. Also there is a link to the blog below the image.