Kanye Made the City Mad?

by theaffluentfemale

Kanye Gives Free Concert in the Flatiron District of NYC

ROC NATION SPORTS: Rn. 1st Annual Roc City Classic Starring Kevin Durant x Kanye West(Source)

So I don’t know how long it’s been known that Kanye was performing in New York this Thursday, but I found out and was happy to go. Once I heard about it I decided to look it up online, and all I could find were complaints about this free concert. Major news sources were writing articles about how people that lived and worked in the area did not want him to perform. Many people don’t like him, but a lot of people are fans of him and his music. I overheard an older man ask a white police officer what the event was and he only said, ” A Black Rapper” as if it left a bad taste in his mouth. He wasn’t the only cop that through out the race card when telling people information about the event. ┬áMany of the complaints were focused on people not wanting a concert in this particular area, but if he happened to be a different artist that is well liked or didn’t cause controversy, I doubt there would have been as many complaints. Also it should be noted that the people that work in that area and complained are the same people that gathered in their office windows to watch his entire performance.

I arrived at the scene around 5pm. I had no ticket because they were all given away so the crowds were divided into 2 separate line. One was for ticket holders and the other was for non-ticket holders, which was the line I was on. I thought the concert started around 7 and not 8, and waiting in the cold for 3 hours in what felt like the coldest day of the winter had me questioning was it worth waiting for. In all honesty it didn’t seem as long of a wait and with promoters throwing free pairs of gloves in the crowd was a huge plus. It started snowing for a bit and it was getting closer to stage time and there was an announcement. Being that it was so cold and I’m guessing a people decided to leave the announcers let everyone one in, ticket or not. Yay!

The concert was fun. He played a lot of songs that people knew the lyrics to and would get the crowd hype even if our toes were numb. Special guest came and everyone performed a variety of their group songs together. Big Sean’s performance stood out the most for me. He was the most energetic and fun to watch, mainly because if has catchy lyrics and hooks and live he still sounds like his records. Being kinda in the back (and short) I couldn’t see the stage at all so I only watched the jumbo screen and that was right in line with my standing. I wish the stage was more elevated so people in the back could have gotten a better view at least. Kanye ended up closing the night with his song to Nori, which was a sweet ending.